1. Three Things That Scares Your Roof

    A roof has an average life of around 20 years depending on the material and the climate in which you live. In humid and often very wet climates such as Florida, your roof may have to deal with harsher punishments from the weather. The weather itself can cause damage to your roof, but it is often what develops because of the weather conditions that is cause for worry. Your roof’s number one prior…Read More

  2. Benefits of Pressure Cleaning Your Roof

    The roof of your home might be something that doesn’t cross your mind often unless something bad happens. When a tree branch falls on your roof, when there is a significant storm, when you are selling your home; these are times when you wonder what is going on with your roof. However, more could be happening with your roof than you may imagine. Storms, trees falling, and humidity can all have an…Read More

  3. Pressure Washing

    Pressure Washing an Older Home

    The surfaces of older homes need to be cleaned too, but they can be fragile so they may need special attention. When pressure washing, it can oftentimes damage the surface as it’s cleaning because the level of pressure is too high or the wood has softened. When you’re getting ready to pressure wash an older home, follow these tips. Don’t Get Too Close With tougher stains, the first reaction …Read More

  4. Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing

    Owning and running a successful business not only means making revenue, but also the upkeep of the building and property. When a walkway has geese droppings all over it, this doesn’t give the best first impression for a walk-in customer. Commercial pressure washing can save you time, money, and will leave a great impression for both clients and employees. Take the time to contact a professional …Read More

  5. Pressures of Pressure Washing

    These days, a lot of home maintenance can be done by the homeowner in order to save money. Instead of hiring painters, homeowners are getting their painting clothes on and painting inside rooms. Instead of hiring a flooring contractor, they’re buying flooring that can easily be installed. Rather than hiring landscapers, they’re getting the garden tools out of the shed, but with any home mainte…Read More

  6. Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Home

    You know that feeling when you come out of the carwash and your car looks clean and shiny, so you drive around just to feel that your car is bright and clean and you feel proud of your car? Get that same feeling for you home! Pressure washing will brighten up your home and make it look as good as new. Except you can’t take your home out for a drive. Contact Palm Beach Pressure Cleaning today. Ke…Read More